A description of machiavellis ideas to influence some of shakespeares character in the play king lea

You cannot get reality to bend to your will, you can only seduce it into transfiguration. Richard, on the other hand, seems to employ his bestial 2 Richard III.

However, in concordance with his earlier statement that a prince ought to know how to be a great feigner and actor, Richard feigns loyalty to both brothers and brings about their downfall. Edmund is often presented as an attractive, charismatic character, and his magnetism draws the attention of both Goneril and Regan, bringing about a love triangle that will lead to the deaths of both sisters.

Richard portrays Machiavellian traits in their extreme form and understood as a historical tragedy, his doom seems certain from the beginning. He makes Roderigo his right-hand man by assuring him of his own help in winning the hand of Desdemona, whom Roderigo desires.

He is able to lay seeds of discord amongst the characters in the play, playing upon their guile and mistrustful nature to further his own agenda. The one important dictum the heir should follow is to not introduce any radical innovations and depart from the ways of his ancestors.

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One of the ironies surrounding Machiavelli is that there has never been anything resembling a Machiavellian school of thought. The atrocity of such a spectacle left those people, at one and the same time, satisfied and stupefied.

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What can you learn from Machiavelli?