A description of the tet offensive on a major turning point

Tet offensive casualties

North Vietnamese foreign policy therefore consisted of maintaining a critical balance between war policy, internal and external policies, domestic adversaries, and foreign allies with "self-serving agendas. Marines in Vietnam would terrify the enemy into surrendering. By the end of the year, U. The country was devastated by years of carpet-bombing. And let us not forget that the aim of all warfare is to kill the enemy. An elite South Vietnamese regiment was decimated, and there were many civilian casualties. This showed a sea change in the attitude of the American working class. Their objective is not the fulfilment of Vietnamese nationalism, it is to erode and to discredit America's ability to help prevent Chinese domination over all of Asia.

During Tet the Americans and their ARVN ally had suffered over 4, killed in action, some 16, wounded and over 1, missing in action. However, no sooner had South Vietnamese families begun their traditional Tet rituals than the Viet Cong attacked 13 cities in central South Vietnam in the early morning of January 30, — the first day of Tet.

Almost 1, North and South Vietnamese were killed in action. Still, most of the significant enemy activity had been along the DMZ and in the remote border areas.

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As in every war, it is always the poorest, most oppressed and downtrodden layers of the population that provide most of the cannon fodder. This was just what Giap wanted them to do.

A description of the tet offensive on a major turning point

It is sometimes said that trade embargoes are a more satisfactory alternative to war, but in fact, if they are to be effective, trade embargoes usually lead to war. Therefore, Westmoreland, his headquarters, and the White House turned their focus on Khe Sanh and the northernmost provinces. Those bloodshed and devastation wrought by the heavy fighting, along with pessimistic reports, which was brought directly to American living room, stunned every single American who watched it. They now planned and executed a bold offensive, which was aimed at penetrating South Vietnam's supposedly impregnable urban areas. Embassy in Saigon. His replacement, Lyndon Johnson, was a virulent anti-communist and like Kennedy, totally committed to pursuing the war in Vietnam. The pursuit of this widened war has narrowed the promised dimensions of the domestic welfare programs, making the poor - white and Negro - bear the heaviest burdens both at the front and at home. Giap decided that what was needed was a coup de grace that would break Washington's will to continue the War. In some areas the attacks were beaten back in a short time, but in others there was bitter fighting. But American officials in Saigon also conceded that American and South Vietnamese efforts to ''pacify'' the countryside had been set back considerably as a result of the Tet offensive. The Battle of Hue Particularly intense fighting took place in the city of Hue, located on the Perfume River some 50 miles south of the border between North and South Vietnam. When the Tet Offensive exploded on January, the resulting loss of credibility for the president and the military high command in Saigon was devastating.

He was always prepared to take a gamble, irrespective of the cost in lives. The entrenched guerrillas fought against tanks, helicopter gunships, and aircraft, which blasted buildings and reduced parts of the city to rubble.

In the general noisy crowd of New Year merry-makers, the NLF's secret army of infiltrators went completely unnoticed.

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There he saw the ruins of shacks, homes, businesses and restaurants badly damaged by U. In conditions of military inferiority the guerrilla forces cannot renounce any method that achieves this aim and that strikes terror into the hearts of the invader.

It strongly influenced the opinion of the American public.

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The Tet Offensive: the turning point in the Vietnam War