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And it also opened up some new ideas such as the roving reporter, where day-to-day living can result in serendipitous capture of newsworthy events. Another feature of Humanistic Intelligence is the ability to multi-task.

The integration of wearables into healthcare has been a focus of research and development for various institutions. The shoe insoles are connected to a smartphone application that uses Google Mapsand vibrate to tell users when and where to turn to reach their destination.

This theme was the topic of an art installation at San Francisco Art Institute SFAIin response to their request for an exhibit on wearable computing.

By its very nature, wearable computing evokes a visceral response, and will likely fundamentally change the way in which people live and interact.

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The word "surveillance" derives from the French words "sur", meaning from above, and "veiller" meaning "to watch". When a computer program is helping someone see, a site license becomes a sight license. For example, Augmented Reality often adds to the confusion of an already confusing existence, adding extra clutter to an already cluttered world. With the computer and camera implanted fully inside the body, some people are able to stream live video without having to wear anything. In this sense, wearable computing can be defined as an embodiment of, or an attempt to embody, Humanistic Intelligence. See for example Figure In another application, the wearer can use hand gestures to control the wearable computer.

In a "pushbroom" type display using a linear array of red LEDs became available from a company called Reflection Technology. Figure An EyeTap having a physical appearance of ordinary eyeglasses, was also designed and built by the author, with materials and assistance provided by Rapp optical; see Figure Recently Google released their headset, the Google Daydream.

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Leftmost, is the author's PoV Persistence of Vision pushbroom text generator. The authority of the guard does not extend to mandating eyeglass prescriptions of their customers. The word "surveillance" derives from the French words "sur", meaning from above, and "veiller" meaning "to watch".

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Wearable Computing