A discussion about the morals of the american society plagued by degrading television shows music fi

Our market is as large as we make it; the world is our field In one scene, Lawrence jumps from the car and dances around comically screaming "My ass done fall asleep I dint know an ass could fall asleep! The Cosby Show clearly had the effect of broadening the American television publics perception of black family and black economic status.

It is very similar to the cliche', "birds of a feather flock together. He offered fully developed black characters as opposed to the simplistic, cruel stereotypes of mainstream film.

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Whether its appearing in disparaging roles or not appearing at all, minorities are the victim of an industry that relies on old ideas to appeal to the "majority" at the expense of the insignificant minority. Until this changes, the progress will remain slow and at times non-existent.

Furthermore, great claims are made by some TV programmes and videos targeted at pre-school age children, claiming to assist small children's intellectual development rather than retard it.

According to a report named Reality in Television, "Studies have shown that television teaches stereotypical attitudes and preconceptions about people and lifestyles that they would have no contact with outside of watching the way these people are shown by television" 3.

I'm by no means saying that there aren't associations, just that it is too easy to blame one thing for children's problems. Reality in Television Once these stereotypes and misconceptions become ingrained in the psyche of American children, they become self-perpetuating.

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It attempted to build race pride by "showing that Afro-Americans were allied militarily with Anglo-Americans.

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