A personal interpretation of the hebrews prophet isaiah and amos

When called by the Lord, Amos was a herdsman, one who kept flocks and tended vineyards.

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The basic similarities in style and substance strongly suggest influence, direct or indirect, of the one on the other—and both invoke a recognizable Israelite tradition. Hate evil and love good; and establish justice firmly in the courts.

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Yet the admonitions were, for the most part, unheeded. If therefore such heathen as these are called to behold the unrighteous and dissolute conduct to be seen in the places, it must have been great indeed. Ephraim has no future, its roots shriveled, it bears no fruit. The Golden Calves, which the first Jeroboam set up in the north and south of the country to turn the people away from the Beth Hamikdosh in Jerusalem, were worshipped more than before and the teachings of the Torah and the holy commandments were viewed with contempt. It was no light undertaking; he was to condemn his own people and watch the nation crumble and perish. The whole northern empire had enjoyed a long period of peace and security marked by a revival of artistic and commercial development. The people went their own way. He has always been admired for the purity of his language, his beauty of diction, and his poetic art. He began his prophecies "in the days of Uzziah king of Judah, and in the days of Jeroboam the son of Joash, the king of Israel, two years before the earthquake. Feeling themselves to be secure they have no concern for the plight of Yosef, the nation as a whole. It is upon those who pervert justice and throw aside righteousness that disaster will fall. Concern with the cult is not the whole story for Hosea. Elsewhere he is described as a cattleherder and a tender of sycamore trees. Hosea apparently continued beyond this period through the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah of Judah. He could do nothing but warn the nation of the final blow which God would send and for which the people must prepare themselves.

By the same token, rebellious Israel could not expect to prosper in her state of evil. Morals seemed forgotten. Therefore, more was expected of them. Concern with the cult is not the whole story for Hosea.

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It further states that before he died, Amos made his way back to his homeland and was buried there. He is commemorated along with the other minor prophets in the Calendar of Saints of the Armenian Apostolic Church on July A Famine in the Land Here again one finds a clear case of prophetic dualism. I will not smell the sacrifices of your solemn assemblies, But let justice rain down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream. Prophecies of Amos Amos was a shepherd before the spirit of prophecy came over him. Amos predicted a famine of the word of the Lord, which famine certainly occurred during the period of apostasy in Israel and Judah. Remember that Amos had seen the Lord and received His message. The kingdom of Israel, he said, would be destroyed, except for a remnant of Jacob whom the Lord would preserve because of His mercy see v. In other words, he was intimately aware of the inequities and evils of human society—which may have been no worse in Israel in the 8th century before Christ than many critics believed they were almost everywhere in the 20th century after Christ. He was a herdsman from the village of Tekoa, and a dresser of sycamore trees. Being thus prevented from bringing his message to an end, and from reaching the ear of those to whom he was sent, he wrote instead.

The rich oppressed the poor; might was right; it was an age of corruption. Devouring fire Amos —6.

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It can not be proved that Hosea knew the book of Amos, though there is no reason to doubt that he was acquainted with the latter's work and experiences. In all these respects he is Isaiah's spiritual progenitor. In the face of Amaziah, the priest, Amos fearlessly declared his call from the Lord. In an endeavor to bring His people to their senses the Lord, said Amos, had sent upon them seven natural calamities. Only the Second Coming of the Lord fulfills such a description, for when the Lord comes in His glory, the rewards of justice will be met. Were the Israelites any better than they? Together with the good political situation came economic prosperity. President N. It is necessary, if they are to walk together, for them to be in agreement. Therefore, more was expected of them. He spoke of Himself as a faithful husband and reminded Israel of her covenant relationship with Him see Jeremiah —

The condition of the poor was pitiful. Beginning in B. Moloch and Chiun were heathen gods that the Israelite women had adopted. Major cities were destroyed because of wickedness.

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Hosea & Amos: Prophets to the North