A study of amaterasu the supreme deity of the japanese religion of shintoism

They had two sons, Ho-no-susori no Mikoto and Hiko-hoho-demi; the former became the ancestor of Jimmu, the first emperor of Japan. Amaterasu withdrew, either out of embarrassment or out of fear, into a deep cavern in the center of the earth, the Rock Cave Ama-no-Iwatoand refused to come out, causing darkness to fall upon the world.

Before fifty years had passed, members of powerful royal and aristocratic families had adopted this religion.

amaterasu and susanoo

It was Mahayana Buddhism that was brought to Japan. Kami are close to human beings and respond to human prayers.

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The Encyclopedia of Religion. The Goddess was born from the left eye of her father Izanagi, whilst her brother the Moon God Tsukiyomi came from his right.

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Finally, his father Izanagi ordered him to leave the terrestrial realm and go down to Yomi. Concepts of kami Shinto belief includes several ideas of kami: while these are closely related, they are not completely interchangeable and reflect not only different ideas but different interpretations of the same idea. Kami are not perfect - they sometimes make mistakes and behave badly. These remarks lead us to an important corollary. To prove he was of good will, he promised he would give birth, and that if he came in peace, they would be all be boys. Amaterasu took Susano-O's sword and broke it with her teeth spitting out three pieces, which when hitting the ground turned into three Goddesses. As he was bathing, he first washed his left eye and gave birth to the great goddess, Amaterasu Omikami. Soon she began a strip-tease and had all the other Gods and Goddess' laughing and shouting with delight. New York: Paul Hamlyn,

Oho-kuni-nushi, understandably reluctant to hand over his power without a fuss, consulted his two sons.

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Gods and Goddesses of Japan