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His best reason for not quitting is his son, Thomas P.

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It is possible that pressure from the Republican right could force the White House to undertake a major effort to push across ''pro-family'' legislation on abortion and prayer in the schools that could bring moderates back into the Democratic fold and attract a few Republicans as well.

He made his first run for office inlosing his bid to become a Cambridge city councilman by a mere votes and learning a valuable lesson. He knew each one by name and had a story to tell about most.

We consider ourselves just as good Democrats as any other Democrats.

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Every day the Congress is in session, the Speaker holds a press conference 15 minutes before the House convenes. Senator Edward M.

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They had been children when he first stood at this rostrum almost three decades ago. I'm not going to obstruct your program. Carter perceived the measure as a boondoggle and fought it hard, the Speaker was determined, and with the support of the then Senate majority leader, Robert C. From there he went to Boston College , from which he graduated in Following the election, with the U. John High School in Cambridge, where he was captain of the basketball team; he was a lifelong parishioner at the school's affiliated parish church St. Entry into politics[ edit ] O'Neill first became active in politics at 15, campaigning for Al Smith in his presidential campaign. O'Neill even went as far as calling Ronald Reagan "the most ignorant man who had ever occupied the White House". For such Democratic lawmakers, conservatism is the vehicle for political self-preservation. He remained in that post until , when he ran for the United States House of Representatives from his home district. It included telephone calls, cuff links, tickets to the Presidential box in the Kennedy Center and other White House perquisites.

By Martin Tolchin The afternoon was cool and brilliantly clear for a summer day in Washington, but inside the House of Representatives, at the seat where Speaker Thomas P. The Speaker regarded the measure as necessary to the survival of the areas involved, not to mention the political survival of the Congressmen who represented those areas.

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While the decision cost O'Neill some support among older voters in his home district, he benefited from new support among students and faculty members at the many colleges and universities there. Throughout his leadership, Tip O'Neill has been an activist, one of the first of the Democratic leaders to come out against United States involvement in the Vietnam War, one of the first of them to suggest that President Nixon resign.

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But the pressures of Washington have become mercifully remote, as the Speaker revels in the sea breezes and the sunshine. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum hosted a forum to celebrate the centennial of O'Neill's birth. Tip O'Neill is fond of saying that, ''in any other country in the world, the Democrats would be five parties. O'Neill was brought into the House power structure; by his second term, he had been put on the Rules Committee, a choice assignment for a young lawmaker. A leader of the moderate Democrats, Representative James R. Tip O'Neill makes more than fund-raising appearances a year on behalf of Congressmen up for re-election. Rayburn the following Monday and explained his dilemma. A continuing weak economy and the Iran hostage crisis made prospects bleak for Carter and the Democrats in the congressional and presidential elections. They are about the same age, and they share an Irish heritage and a mutual love for and skill at storytelling. Though the two have frequently been compared, Mr. Moreover, the Reagan victories had led many in Congress to entertain doubts about Tip O'Neill and his leader ship. At his passing, President Bill Clinton said: "Tip O'Neill was the nation's most prominent, powerful and loyal champion of working people
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TIP O'NEILL: Photographs & Commentary by Gwendolyn Stewart