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Organizational strategy defines the market orientation of a firm, which defines how a company is focused in relation to factors such as customers, competitors, and departmental dynamics to deliver success Lockrey, The much cheaper-to-produce static graphics were equally effective as simple animations in this medical education scenario.

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Cognitive strategies for learning from static and dynamic visuals. Because of this growing movement to expand and include statistics into all levels of education, there is also a considerable interest in how to teach statistics. The use of technology in teaching business statistics.

Results showed that both classes felt comfortable with their corresponding approaches and performed similarly on a common final exam.

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Taken together, the study suggests that dynamic visualizations may be beneficial whenever understanding concerning the dynamic features of a domain is crucial to learning.

Animations led to better performance overallbut more so for students with high spatial ability.

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It was also hypothesized that field-independent students would have more positive attitudes toward computers and would have higher scores in course satisfaction than field dependent students in the same technology-related learning environments. Analysis of the effect of marketing, innovation, and learning capabilities on overall performance was undertaken by Sok et al. A multivariate statistical analysis was employed to examine the relationship between field dependency, learning environment, and student course satisfaction. Attitude was measured by the results of a course survey administered at the end of the semester. Animations led to better performance overall , but more so for students with high spatial ability. Feedback This paper describes the design and evaluation of a computer-assisted learning program called Link, which was designed to be used by psychology students to review their understanding of correlation. Quantitative and qualitative outcome data were collected to sample cognitive and affective domains. Brand management and CRM capabilities have an opposing effect on revenue and margin growth rates Morgan et al.

Performance of students in the hybrid offering equaled that of the traditional students, but students in the hybrid were slightly less positive in their subjective evaluation of the course. Computers in Human Behavior, 27 1 This abstract may be abridged.

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Marketing capabilities impact on export performance using resource-based view was also suggested by Nalcacia and Yagci The results are in line with an ability-as-compensator hypothesis which states that constructing mental animations from non-dynamic materials needs spatial ability; with animated learning materials, however, spatial ability is not required.

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