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The faithful must also know that without communion with the Roman pontiff, who is the head of the universal Church, and without communion with the bishops of the universal Church, the duties of the bishop cannot be carried out.

But the income was not sufficient to make ends meet. It was renamed Peiris House as a tribute to the generosity of Maude Peiris.

Bishops college principal

May they sail smoothly on the bark of mother Church with Peter at its helm, and return home to the universal Church ruled by our sovereign pontiff. Students who aren't first generation Bishopians get placed into the same house as their kindred. On this th anniversary of Archbishop Corvino's mission in China, we must commemorate him. For an unbroken period of sixty years from to these sisters guided the students of Bishop's College: not only in their mental development, but in the levels of charity, community spirit and public service, and upholding of the school motto "Non Sibi Sed Omnibus" Not for Self, but for All. Only to the extent That These Organizations are connected with Those on the ground, and begin with the people and Their everyday problems, can Synodal Church to begin to take shape: even When They may proceed with fatigue, they must be understood as occasions of listening and sharing. And in a similar manner, the Successor of Peter is none other than the Servant of the servants of God Servant of the servants of God. More importantly, ordained bishops must obey and submit to the supreme authority of the Roman pontiff, because obedience to the pope as the vicar of Christ is the fundamental requisite or the sine qua non of the bishop's own authority. Who gives such authority to the National Congress? The world we live in cui and That we are called to love and serve even with its contradictions, demands from the Church the Church the Strengthening of synergies in all areas of her mission. I myself came on a contract with Voluntary Service Overseas and replaced Tony Cook who taught in the College the previous year. Even today the word "Bishopsgate" stands engraved at the entrance to the building. Together with them, I greet and thank the Synod Fathers and other participants in this Synod Gathered here this morning in this hall.

Any ex-students reading this may like to know I still have most of your grades if you would like them!!!!!! As Bishop's College entered the 20th century the school chapel was dedicated to St Agnesthe Roman virgin and martyr of the 4th century.

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Elscourt, a magnificent building on Turret Road, opposite the Victoria Park, at one time the site of the Colombo Orient Club, was gifted to the school by a loyal past pupil, Maude Peiris, mother of Harold Peiris. We must pray often for these separated brothers and sisters so that the merciful Lord will grant them the grace to repent. With the rising costs in construction, the project was spread out longer than envisaged but was commissioned for use in The four houses compete throughout the year in various sports and arts categories, with the main competitive event being the Annual Inter-House Athletics Meet also known as, The Annual Sports Meet , which is held in February. There were twelve sisters who were principals or acting principals of the school in this period of 60 years. Monthly expenses in running the school were about Rs. Lk A heavy horizontal eaves beam is hung out to protect the facade and to mask the pitched roof, thus accentuating the horizontality and modernist credentials of the design. Subjects taught directed them to the Cambridge local examinations : French, drawing, singing, and piano playing were also on the curriculum. Since the school hall, impressive in its day, was totally inadequate for present needs, the PPA was anxious to gift an auditorium to their Alma Mater , and with land leased out from the Government, laid the foundation in

This last decade has seen the school steered by Lindley Jayasuriya, earlier vice-principal. But in this church, as in an inverted pyramid, the summit is located below the base. Certainly, a consultation like this would never be portatili hear the entire sense of the Faith sense of the faith.

I taught Forms 4, 5A and 5B.

bishops college principal

Unfortunately, due to the interference of sources outside the Church, today's Catholic Church in China is divided. The first level of exercize of synodality is Realized in the particular local Churches.

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The life sized gold leaf encrusted statue stands at the foot of the main staircase. With the rising costs in construction, the project was spread out longer than envisaged but was commissioned for use in When the building was nearing completion Bawa commissioned Lydia Duchini, an Italian sculptress, to create a sculpture of the bishop.

The school was to be an institution to promote educational advancement, and also a finishing school for the daughters of Christian families.

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Bishop's College, Colombo