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Indirect financial incentives include subsistence allowance expenses, medical expenses etc. Thus, according to Skinner, the environment of the organization must be designed effectively and positively so as to motivate the employee. The results are analyzed in terms of descriptive statistics followed by inferential statistics on the variables. Job Analysis and Evaluation. Chris also opines that often organizations ignore management by objectives, critical incidents to personal prejudices. Even though people tend to deny the existence of the purely economic man, it cannot be denied that money plays a powerful role in motivating many people. Develop and document specific policies for selected groups. On the basis of presentations and evidence the tribunal makes an award that it deems socially just, economical sound and in the interests of the parties to the dispute and the country. Vroom was of view that employees consciously decide whether to perform or not at the job. Make presentations to managers and employees. This consists of: o Industrial wages board: empowers the federal commission of labour, employments and productivity to establish boards to govern employers in relation to functions of regulating wages and other conditions of employment especially where they are considered less favourable than the statutory regulations. Instrumentality is affected by factors such as believe in the people who decide who receives what outcome, the simplicity of the process deciding who gets what outcome, and clarity of relationship between performance and outcomes. Goal theory proposes that human beings are more motivated to act when there is a reward at the end of the performance of a task or a behavior. An estimated twenty-five million American employees without bank accounts are unable to be paid via direct deposit.

Vroom was of view that employees consciously decide whether to perform or not at the job. Naturally judiciary of the concern country is watchdog for dealing labour issues. Efficient workers are able to earn more: Such of those workers who are highly efficient are able to earn more by way of performance bonus, higher commission and so on.

Compensation helps in running an organization successfully and to achieve its goals. Leary, M.

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On the basis of required tasks and forecasted business plans, develop a matrix of jobs crossing lines and departments.

If employees are motivated and satisfied they will perform their duties diligently and actively. Effective compensation makes employees feel belongingness towards the organisation.

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Not only they require persons who are well qualified but they are also retained in the organization. Develop a compensation philosophy. According to Section 3, a settlement arrived at between the management and the employees cannot be a valid ground for effecting discrimination in payment of remuneration between male and female employees performing the same work or work of a similar nature; Mackinnon Mackenzie and Co. The aim of the research was to compare the different reward systems used in Motonet- Espoo and find the pros and cons of them. Establish the number of levels - senior, junior, intermediate, and beginner - for each job family and assign a grade to each level. Employees and those who do not perform satisfactorily receive little or no increase in compensation. Work with HR information systems staff to establish effective implementation procedures, to develop appropriate data input forms, and to create effective monitoring reports for senior managers. SPSS Being just and fair will provide satisfaction to the workers. The theoretical part of the study introduces different theories of motivation and rewarding.

This creates a peaceful relationship between the employer and the employees. The theories in this work adapted from the work of Nnaji which was an empirical study on the importance of organizational rewards.

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It communicates a positive control on the competence of workers and encourages them to give their best and accomplish the specific standards. This field has exploded with the Big Data craze.

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Employee Benefits and Compensation (Employee Pay)