Critic for solitory reaper

He turns his lonely sense into artistic work, and makes his loneliness immortal. Conclusion The poem packs into its four stanzas all of the major Romantic sentiments, be it the beauty of nature, the reflective mood and the appreciation of melancholic strains.

France revolution inspired the poet for a while. In this case, the poem is representative of the inevitability of death. The Resonance of the Lonely Passenger Loneliness gives one a sense of respect for listening to others. When confronting these changes, the poet is not looking into the future, but be a cult of the old social system, laying his hope on the Anglicanism, and the Tory Squires system.

Death as a reaper with a sickle is a popular trope in literature and mythology. Apostrophe is a figure of speech where the speaker addresses an absent person or an inanimate or abstract object. Thus, the picture of the lonely maiden reaping and singing alone in a field comes to be extraordinarily vivid and impressive.

the solitary reaper literary devices

Perhaps this too was deliberate. The speaker recounts his experience of chancing upon a humming maiden who was reaping crops alone.

Conclusion of the poem the solitary reaper

His conservative ideas was also questioned and attacked by socially activist. The Cambridge Introduction to William Wordsworth. New York: Cambridge University Press. They bless their people, especially the tough labors. It might seem that Nature not only gave him the matter for his poem, but wrote his poem for him Gill, The Solitary Reaper betrays a sense of loneliness of the poet from the aspects of wording and phrasing, lonely images, the portrayal of this lonely reaper and the expanding lonely music. The lonely music is the soul of the reaper, and the soul of the poem. References Bialostosky , D. Death as a reaper with a sickle is a popular trope in literature and mythology. Before long, British formed the anti-French League with other European countries. The poem is a picture of rustic life and its poignant beauty. In this way, being alone is also the effective way to shake off depression. The Poetic Theory of the Poet Loneliness and melancholy has close relation. The poet imbibes the haunting sadness with fond remembrance.

Music: Music is of course a theme. Fall appears as a theme as well as of critical importance.

Critic for solitory reaper

Wordsworth gives voice to them and cares their sufferings. The utopia highly was praised by Wordsworth, where the men plough and the women weave in harmony, had already gone. The first stanza focuses on a lonely highland girl reaping and singing alone and her lonely and sad voice echoes and echoes the bottomless vale. At the same time, the death of his family members in succession, especially the younger brother John, second son, second daughter and younger sister Dorothy, made the situation even worse. Reading Romantics: Texts and Contexts. Driver, E. Wordsworth revealed the roots of their loneliness, and called for help from society to give these people the humane care and humanitarian aid. He turns his lonely sense into artistic work, and makes his loneliness immortal. It begs the question, why was the reaper alone? Thus, the characterization of this solitary reaper is of great significance. He uses varying wording and phrasing, the lonely image of the reaper, the expanding of the lonely music, and the way of expressing his loneliness to set the lonely atmosphere. Memory: This theme is one of the integral themes. The poet disdained to collaborate with the reprobate, often skipped classes, only chose the subject he likes, and finally absented from the university graduation test. He cared about the national politics, and also paid attention to the men from the bottom of society. The solitary figure of the reaper strikes a lasting picture in this poem and the reason it has a singular effect on the readers is because she is the only living person in the field.
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Critical Analysis of Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth