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If you have bit Windows 7 and need to move to a bit standard, this could be the biggest challenge regarding app compatibility. This is important for ensuring you stage the correct drivers for all devices that are compatible with Windows Both SharePoint and offer deferred Site Collection upgrade, where the Site Collection administrator can upgrade it himself after an upgrade preview.

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Additionally, all the computers are not uniformly updated since not all departments adhere to the same updating schedule. SCCM is fine and is an excellent solution for managing physical endpoints sprawled across many different geographical regions, BUT it can be quite slow for deploying patches and applications and is often unreliable with client-side failures. During this period the department upgrading will be less productive. At a minimum, your data must include the application and all its components, estimates of the Windows 7 impact and the desktop hardware configuration for every asset. This led to departments having very different software, hardware, and in one case even a different OS. The mission for the FSBA is to invest government money to maximize returns. After this switch we will be providing limited instruction on how to use this new operating system and some of its programs. For these users we will upgrade the hardware as well. This is normal anytime you set a major change in motion however. At the end of this upgrading cycle the support center will provide brief classes to instruct new users how to use these new tools.

Although the tool you use to maintain the inventory is irrelevant, the database must be simultaneously accessible by the core and extended teams.

With this upgrade these problems will be solved and new problems will be easier to solve since this OS is still being supported. In addition to this, we have a protocol in place where we always quarantine computers we take from users for several weeks. If this is the case the user will always be welcome to come back to the support center for further instruction.

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Don't forget about Office content -- and watch the rules A Windows 7 migration often includes a migration to Officeand information about relevant Office documents should also be collected in the CMDB or central application repository. We will get into this more in part 2 How will you handle training and marketing of the new platform?

People are not very willing to permit their employer that level of access on personal devices. I mentioned using the migration as an opportunity for OS Security Hardening. Will you use a third party anti-virus or Windows Defender?

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Lipinsky can be contacted at llipinsky citihub. The first section explored the fundamentals of the planning phase ; this part breaks down the five crucial aspects of executing a migration program.

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