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The garden is inhabited by the King and Queen of Hearts and their empire is depicted as both nonsensical and illogical. This drug did not have the connotation that drugs have today; studies show that five out of every six families used Opium regularly Connell.

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Priestley weighed into the debate, suggesting that the walrus and the carpenter are instead archetypes of two different types of politician. She clearly is feeling too relaxed to want to get up but ends up seeing a strange White Rabbit run by her.

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Delve into the writings of generations of critics, scholars and bloggers, and this beloved bedtime classic becomes variously an allegory on drug culture, a parable of British colonisation, and the story of a heroine with a bad case of penis envy. By blindly obeying the adult figure, she exposes her childlike ignorance. To the 21st Century mind, there is something that makes one deeply uneasy about this scenario. There is no central, concrete storyline, but rather Alice runs into one bizarre situation to the next before waking once more and telling the whole adventure to her sister. This in turn is an example of a distinction between the child and adult reader which is otherwise eradicated within the novel. A society may perceive youngsters who give into peer pressure, for example who take drugs or experiment in other reckless ways, as monstrous. As a result, critics of the novel have linked the baby-turned-pig character in chapter 6 with this theory, suggesting that the portrayal of this character reflects the use of Opium on children and highlights the effects. She then runs into many peculiar characters.

That's when Alice notices a white rabbit, a manifestation of her imagination that sparks her curiosity. This situation may also be about peer pressure while growing up.

First, she is troubled with drastically becoming ten inches tall, then several feet high.

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The White King is waiting for his messengers and asks Alice to look along the road to see if they are coming. Carroll [], p.

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Is Alice in Wonderland really about drugs?