Economic contributions of pres elpidio quirino

The election was widely criticized as being corrupt, [5] with violence and fraud taking place.

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Our opportunity to this end is to muster and organize all our resources, preserve our credit and prestige abroad and guard against their dissipation at home. Elpidio Quirino is one of the least known among Philippine presidents as time moves on. This brought a sweep by the Nacionalistas in the elections.

Elpidio quirino contribution in the philippines

He fought for Philippines to be self-governed, prepared us to be independent from America and later on lead our country to its full independent government. Unemployment from the previous government is one of the main problem his administration faces. Benevolent Assimilation Proclamation reveals the hidden agenda of the Americans in helping the Philippines against the Spain. Graft and corruption did not stop in the government. We must make our country self-sufficient in food and other essentials. In , she won the elections and was elected to a full term presidency until In the reorganization of the Department of Education, I emphasized the necessity of giving more impetus to vocational training.

This sum came from our general appropriations, from funds obtained from the Rehabilitation Finance Corporation, and from the Philippine War Damage Commission. We are adopting measures to increase domestic production as rapidly as possible and help, incidentally, to conserve our foreign exchange resources.

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Elpidio quirino achievements

Our earnest efforts, therefore, to provide for our own security under the present circumstances become a vital part of our contribution to world security. Aquino November 20, March 6, Felix V. The country needs more hospitals and clinics. This past year additional relief accrued to our people from a substantial increase in employment. War damage payments helped to speed up the rehabilitation of the economy. It adopted the Spanish fiscal system; the same was done in the existing taxes. It would be useful to remember how his presidency relates to our present condition.

I recommend a general program of road construction to encourage production and communication. In the light of political developments in Southeast Asia, and the turbulent conditions in our immediate vicinity, the Philippines should further strengthen its position.

Economic contributions of pres elpidio quirino

He was killed in a plane crash. Products of Filipino businessmen were also preferred over foreign products. He ruled as President from the Philippines' independence from the United States of America on 4 July until his abrupt death in Agriculture and industry were either in a state of injury or devastation. Later, as conditions tended to worsen, import controls were assisted by more stringent exchange controls. New horizons for development were opening up. We have laid the foundations of a stable, efficient, honored and dignified government. Proclamation No. Fate is often cruel when historic times lead to the appearance on the scene of more dynamic personalities. There must be national discipline. But deep in my heart I was determined to carry on silently the work so auspiciously begun by my illustrious predecessor, our dear friend the late President Roxas, on our common venture to lay the foundations of this new Republic. This defense plan was later abolished because 16 Million is not sufficient enough to fund the act. I created the Sugar Rehabilitation and Readjustment Commission to advise the government on the proper measures to be adopted to revitalize and stabilize the sugar industry. However, upon entry of his wife, Imelda, corruption started to surface.

Laurel Jr. The program centered on wise spending, industry, thrift, trustworthiness, integrity and honesty.

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This lead to a damaged government; Politics were shaken and people started to lose their trust in the government. Optimistic future. Politics Administration In his earlier term, good governance was present.

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The nation during Elpidio Quirino’s presidency, to