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These include air, water and land as well as metals like iron, copper and silver. The details of productivity in major terrestrial ecosystems biomes are given in Table 4. Use Newer Agricultural Methods The government must teach methods such as mixed cropping, crop rotation and appropriate use of pesticides, insecticides, manures, bio fertilizers and organic fertilizers to the farmers.

As a result, we are conserving energy and making ourselves free from radiation.

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Generally, we have to keep it in our mind that protecting the environment and keeping the balance of ecosystem is a serious business. Nature of change refers to the natural or human induced change towards an ecosystem. Thus, all the parts of the radio function as a total system. All these gifts of nature make our planet a place worth living. Some of the higher level consumers, for example bears, eat both plants and animals, and are called omnivores. Limit Usage of Electricity Limiting the usage of electricity is also essential for the conservation of nature. It studies interactions between different organisms and their environments, including relations within its own species and members of others. Few examples of this type of natural resources include water, air, land and metals such as iron, copper, gold and silver. The primary constituents of living matter—carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen—all move through gaseous cycle. By identifying the characteristic patters of interaction it is possible to distinguish different types of ecosystem.

Among the essential elements some are required in large quantity. It was found that the interest in the topic has been on the increase and the advent of professional Ecosystems has helped popularizing the phenomenon.

Biological invasions are generally considered an environmental threat, out competing native species and increasing community homogenisation. Crop fields and an aquarium are considered as man-made ecosystems. Renewable resources are the ones that replenish naturally.

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Maybe helping to lower down the population of an overpopulated species, or possibly cause one to be underpopulated. Restrict the use of paper and encourage recycling it. Mesohabitats have areas up to about 10, km2; thus is a x kilometer square, which is about a small district. Life also requires molecules that contain and provide the physical and chemical environment necessary for those energy transforming processes. It is the duty of each one of us to stop wasting these gifts of nature and start using them wisely so as to maintain ecological balance on Earth. There are two basic types of systems: closed and open. Macrohabitats have area up to about 1, 00, km2, which is about the size of a country. Each part has a specific function, yet the expression of the role of each depends upon the proper functioning of all the other parts.
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Environmental Protection and Conservation Research Paper Example