Ethnomusicology dissertation

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Rumbolz, Robert Charles. The second reader also reads the dissertation in draft form and confers with you prior to distribution of the dissertation. Folk Music of India: Uttar Pradesh.

Ethnomusicology dissertation

Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje. Hurson-Lavaud, Laurence.

Tang, Jianyuan. Robertson, Sally. Waring, Dennis G. Defenses are oral, last about two hours, and usually take place in one of the seminar rooms in Dodge Hall. Kirilov, Kalin Stanchev. PhD, University of Pittsburgh. Wenguang, Wu. Carriuolo, Ralf E.

Advisor: James P. Glenfield, Alexander James. Advisor: Philippe Hamon.

Rougier, Thierry. General Amatokwu, Onyekambuashie N. Advisor: Tsao Pou Yee. Wolberger, Lionel A. Advisor: Roger Savage. Advisor: Rosalind C. Sherinian, Zoe Carey. Advisors: J. Kelsey, John Russell.

The Proposal Defense The Proposal Defense gives you an opportunity to: demonstrate knowledge and competence in the projected area of your dissertation, receive questions and advice on your dissertation area from several faculty members, and defend your dissertation proposal.

Power relationships in a globalized music market: ethnomusicological perspectives. Lum, Chee-Hoo.

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