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According to the dual loop model of language processing in the brain e. Considering this fact, Jung et al. The three main fiber pathways described in the results section below were identified in each of the 20 participants. Introduction Writing is an example of a fine motor skill. The patient presented above showed some attempts to correct her own pronunciation, but no hesitation or efforts. CU was a year-old patient suffering from severe peripheral agraphia following a left hemispheric stroke. Therefore, it was not possible for CU to retrieve the grapho-motor patterns of letters while those for numbers may be accessible by the dorsal connections to the IPS. Both arms were in the supine position and supported by foam pads and cushions to provide relaxation of proximal limb muscles. In her handwritings, kana was more deeply disturbed than kanji. Although kanji writing had seemed to be preserved on the onset day, the ratio of the correct answers in kanji writing was almost the same as that in kana writing. PPI regressors were computed as the element-by-element product of the deconvolved extracted time series and a vector coding for the main effect of task. For the case of numbers there is evidence that numerical magnitude information is automatically activated when one encounters a number, which is reflected by IPS activation e.

Ethics statement. Therefore, we performed a second procedure as an exploratory analysis to isolate regions only active for RHw. Copying of sentences was almost normal for both kana and kanji Figure 1-C.

The authors trained CU to associate specific mental images with each letter e.

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Here, we attempt to understand the functioning of brain networks during skillful performance using dominant handwriting as a probe.

In their single case study, patient CU was well able to type in letters, words, and pseudo-words on a computer keyboard on dictation. We identified brain regions activated with the right dominant hand writing task, exceeding the activation common to right-hand use and the writing program, both identified without right-hand writing itself.

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Thus, we equate the specific neurological substrate as an indication of task specificity for the skillful task. These studies found that left parietal and premotor areas BA6 were active when writing with the dominant hand.

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Differing Connectivity of Exner’s Area for Numbers and Letters