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She leaves, mumbling good night to the court, and the King asks Horatio to follow her. As the heir of the kingdom, he could not love her honorably and marry her.

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Laertes admits to plotting against Hamlet and casts blame upon the King. Hamlet, scornfully contemptuous of the two courtiers, calls Rosencrantz a "sponge", and is outraged that they dare demand an answer from him: "what replication should be made by the son of a king?

He told them he will have to act like a madman for some time some time. Unencumbered by words, Laertes plots with Claudius to kill Hamlet.

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Hamlet did not intend to murder Polonius; it was an accident brought on by the old man himself. Shakespeare wrote 37 plays, and they are divided to history plays, comedies, tragedies and romance.

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Ophelia , distraught over her father's death and Hamlet's behavior, drowns while singing sad love songs bemoaning the fate of a spurned lover. When Hamlet realizes he has killed the wrong man, he stops to briefly address the situation, but shows no deep regret for taking Polonius' life. He declares his intention to stage a play exactly based on the murder of his father. In order to test the Ghost's sincerity, Hamlet enlists the help of a troupe of players who perform a play called The Murder of Gonzago to which Hamlet has added scenes that recreate the murder the Ghost described. It seems that everyone in Elsinore is plotting against everyone else. Somehow he is able to explore these philosophical questions while maintaining a compelling plotline. Having been summoned home to Denmark from school in Germany to attend his father's funeral, he is shocked to find his mother Gertrude already remarried. Claudius dies, and Hamlet dies immediately after achieving his revenge. The Prince does not want to interrupt his winning streak and refuses the wine, placing the goblet on the table beside the Queen. A little is known about his life. In a whirlwind of confusion, the Queen falls and dies after telling Hamlet that she has been poisoned.

Hamlet then confesses his plan to Horatio and asks him to watch the King's face during the poisoning scene. Hamlet often wanders alone through the halls of the castle, and that will give Ophelia a chance to face him, while they all watch from behind a curtain.

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Hamlet calls the revised play The Mousetrap, and the ploy proves a success. After Reynaldo exits in pursuit of his mission, Ophelia enters and tells Polonius that she has been horrified by the Prince.

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Polonius steps forward to reveal his discovery. In other words, it makes no sense at all, strategically or logistically. She tells her father that Hamlet has frightened her with his wild, unkempt appearance and deranged manners. Claudius dies, and Hamlet dies immediately after achieving his revenge. Unable to confess and find salvation, King Hamlet is now consigned, for a time, to spend his days in Purgatory and walk the earth by night. Hamlet accepts the challenge, believing that it is indeed only a friendly match. Hamlet admits Claudius that the body is under the stairs in the lobby. Laertes, returned to Denmark from France to avenge his father's death, witnesses Ophelia's descent into madness. When Hamlet realizes who is being buried, grief overcomes him too, and he leaps into the grave with Laertes, and they begin to grapple. The courtier Osric enters and welcomes Hamlet back to Denmark. When Rosencrantz comes in to tell Hamlet that the Queen wishes to see him, Hamlet revels in the idea of finally confronting her. The King rises and Hamlet responds "What, frighted with false fire?
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