How to write a scripture

There are two versions, chronological or straight through from Genesis to Revelation. Sister, no way!

scripture writing challenge 2019

Scripture writing is just as the name suggests — you write scripture verses each day. Odd, I know. Letter Practicing If you are into lettering, this is a great way to practice!

how to write a scripture

Add a comma and the date, followed by a period. Write, meditate, pray through the verses.

scripture writing examples

There are so many and it just plain blessed my socks off getting it ready to share with you! Sometimes it seems that just as you sit down to study or read, you are needed, or there is an interruption or a phone call or…fill in the blank for your life.

But, my sister… Yep, you have her to thank for this!

How to quote part of a bible verse

When you practice writing the Scriptures, you will gain insight into spiritual principles, as you walk along the pathway God would have for you. Susan Jones. Use "Philem. And, if you have longer, then by all means keep at it. I listen to it over and over. I have a talking computer. For example, if you quote the first Book of John, Chapter 1, Verse 19, from the New International Version, you write: "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. Provide the name of the Bible version in your first in-text citation. Writing seems to act as a mini-rehearsal for doing the thing we are writing about. Each day takes no longer than 10 minutes — but you can spend as long as you want on them. Here are a few examples: What do I think this Scripture means? Why would God have the king do such a thing? Good advice! When Should I do It? Add a comma and the date, followed by a period.

The truth is that, as His daughters, many of us feel condemned by God for one reason or another.

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How to Strengthen Your Bible Time With Writing