How to write an activity list for college

In the following article, we provide answers to the many common questions associated with the process including: What activities should I include on my activities list? Try: Instructing in proper technique, while imparting lessons in sportsmanship, health and integrity.

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You can also learn more about our 1-on-1 college admissions support here. Take note of how concise it is as well as how clearly the information is presented.

Are recent. This way, they can easily recall your accomplishments and reference them in their letter. Rule 4: Use the fields strategically You only have a precious characters with which to demonstrate your duties and achievements with each activity.

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Our five rules articulated below will get you ready to tackle this often underestimated component of the college application process. Your guide is on its way. Include pertinent details that make your description less generic and better highlight your achievements. Which activities should go at the top of the activities list? While vice president of his class was the most impressive title he ever held, it was only for one year in 9th grade, making it the clear third place entry in this activities list. As you can see, most of the character space to show-off achievements was wasted with information that was already stated elsewhere. If antiquated steamship analogies do little for you, a more apropos comparison might present the essay as the mean, attention-hogging prom queen in a teen movie, and the activities list as the nice, quiet girl, who also looks like a model, but no one notices because she wears glasses and puts her hair up. Use active verbs to explain what you actually did list your tasks. This is a mistake. Founder and President, Code for Community Organize coding camps for middle and high schoolers from inner-city Chicago whose schools do not offer computer science classes. Having fewer than ten activities is not going to hurt your chances at admission—seriously, we promise.

We already know that you were the editor from your title. Some colleges will provide a space on their application in which to input information regarding each of the categories listed above.

You get the point—a poorly crafted activities list is one of the most common issues we encounter when working with students, even those with Ivy-caliber credentials and otherwise flawless applications.

Rule 3: Use your limited space wisely A famous, albeit likely apocryphal story, goes like this: Ernest Hemingway is having lunch with his buddies and bets them that he can craft a complete story in six words.

how to write an activity list for college

Of course you are. Instead of: to help all those in need or to end poverty in the world Try: to help those in need or to aid in the fight against global poverty Use bigger words. Having fewer than ten activities is not going to hurt your chances at admission—seriously, we promise.

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5 Successful Common App Activity Entries Explained