Htaccess rewrite all but one directory

htaccess rewrite all but one directory

Adding [L] after a rewrite rule can help in some cases, because that tells the server to stop trying to rewrite a URL after it has applied that rule.

With PHP-based redirects, or other server-side scripting languages, the entire request must be completed, and the script actually interpreted before a redirect message is sent to the browser. Bad Filename There is only one way to spell. If you want your web server to parse CGI scripts no matter where they are found in your directory structure, just add the following to your.

Htaccess redirect exception

If you need to disable automatically generated directory listings, doing so is easy: Options -Indexes Enabling Indexes If your web server has disabled indexes as part of global configuration, but you do want them, you can enable them with the reverse of the above command. LogLevel alert rewrite:trace3 This sets the main LogLevel to alert, and turns it up the volume of rewrite logging to trace3. A full explanation of the various LogLevel and trace options can be found here. You will never be able to block all of them, but you can keep the activity down to a dull roar by blocking as many as you can. You can also set them up within your Content Management System which is basically the same thing. Moreover, there are some big reasons you should definitely not want people to see your. While I'm at it, note, you can also set cookies with a RewriteRule. In that case, you may need to figure out a way to do your rewrite from within the CMS. The more a hacker can learn about your system, the easier it is to compromise it. You can commit after each change, and roll back if you run into any problems. If you have access to the httpd. Replace it with AllowOverride All.

Set a cookie with this visitor's "Original Referer", using RewriteRule. This is usually not ideal. Stop processing rewrites. Here's some common elements you will see in your rewrite rules, along with some specific examples.

htaccess redirect exception

The latter, simpler form is preferable, if only for its tremendous portability it offers - my live site, and my development mirror share the exact same. Basically, it means we are looking for URIs that do not match this pattern, instead of ones that do.

htaccess subdirectory override

RewriteEngine off cookies Lastly, a quick word about cookies. It is very easy to hide your.

Htaccess deny access to folder and subfolders

Choose this version if you don't have the same file structure in both directories: Filename:. The first line starts the rewrite module. Whitelisting by IP The reverse of blacklisting is whitelisting — restricting everyone except those you specify. Ignoring copyright issues for the moment — you could download the image, upload it to your website, and embed it on your page like normal. Regular expressions Rewrite rules often contain symbols that make a regular expression regex. Expect large log files.. It seems dumb, but if your. For another purpose, I long ago created debug. Hiding Your. Placing directives further upstream, in the httpd.

Most problems, and the really frustrating ones, are the ones in the middle — the simple, everyday problems that are easy to fix if you just knew about them.

Rewrite rules, directory settings, security — all of the things that you use.

Apache redirect all except one url

L means this is the last rule in this run. Under most normal circumstances, you should have one for your entire web hosting account or main server directory. Typically, any project more complicated than a handful of includes will cause a developer to choose a more robust language like PHP or Perl. The second parameter, index. Stop processing rewrites. Remember the meaning of the dot? The biggest issue is that if you are using an. Alternatives to.
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Htaccess Rewrites