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Is integrated marketing strategy best suited for NIKE? The nikebiz.

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The shoes were a tremendous success paved the way for the creation of Jordan s own brand Jumpman that is still extraordinarily popular today years after Jordan s retirement from the NBA.

Sales Promotion Strategy The Nike Plus integrated marketing communications plan is notable for its relative lack of sales promotions. Nike and Apple were both able to leverage their strong brand identities to form a competitive advantage of brand power with Nike Plus.

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At around the same time, Knight and Bowerman decided to take a different direction from being a footwear distributor and primarily focus on designing and manufacturing their own brand of athletic shoes www. Sport Music offers runners the best in original Training Run and Coaching Mixes designed specifically for treadmill and road runs. At each step of implementation for their integrated marketing communication plan Nike has also emphasized the interactive nature of their product and website which has a direct correlation to the active mindset of runners and the action of running. Should NIKE choose a different market approach and target a different segment of people? The Human Race 10K also appeals to runners through the race s connection with various charities. The company is trying to achieve this goal through the implementation of a wide ranging IMC plan which focuses on interaction between consumers and Nike Plus products. The position has been moving toward more involvement by the consumer.

The primary figures to assist in measuring the overall effectiveness for the Nike Plus IMC campaign would ultimately involve measuring total sales of Nike Plus products prior to and after specific campaigns.

As discussed previously, Nike has several overall competitors in the running industry, and new ones on the verge of entering.

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Nike Plus was an innovative program that Nike developed as a new communication method to reach its customers. The Human Race 10K also appeals to runners through the race s connection with various charities. Executive Summary……………………………………. These song mixes are even rated and commented on by other users which lend an air of credibility to the product. Other past television commercials demonstrate the technical component of Nike Plus products by showing a person running and allowing the viewer to listen to the digital voice that they will hear monitor their time and distance, while displaying statistics on the television screen to monitor what the runner sees on their iPod. Nike consumers range from pure athletes to young, trendy adults who purchase Nikes for their vibrant colors and comfort. It also started a creative partnership that would see both companies grow extraordinarily. Over the past two decades, however, marketers have been allocating more of their promotional dollars to sales promotion. This essay aims to examine the two roles in the light of the emergent phenomenon of IMC to determine their individuality as well as their interdependence on each other for the best possible outcomes. Page 3 1. Broadcast media……………………………. The model includes five parts: Align with marketing objective, consider the target market, set promotional objectives and develop promotional mix. Integrated Marketing Communications Integrated marketing communications IMC is the coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues, and sources within a company into a seamless program, which maximizes the impact on consumers and other end users at a minimal cost.

After analysing the theories, I will set a model about the marketing communications campaign in sport industry. It appears that the overall goal of these advertisements is to show the technological elements of the Nike Plus system in addition to branding the product as a fitness tool for the average person and dedicated runner.

Although the Human Race 10K event has a promotional effect and a charitable component it is ultimately about advertising Nike Plus, selling Nike Plus products, and directing customers to the Nike Plus and Apple website.

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