Introductions for informational writing anchor

introductions for informational writing anchor

Mainly I chose this animal because there was a recent Scholastic News article about it. You are more than welcome to substitute the books for a text of your choice. My students were confused; I was frustrated, and my instinct told me that there had to be a better way.

I like to spend a couple days working backwards where students read an informational essay and place the information from the essay to the graphic organizer. I want this step of informational writing to feel like a natural process of writing to my students.

I think part of my problem was that I misinterpreted my writing workshop training, and I was under the impression that students should just start writing.

Once students have selected a topic, that I have approved, I teach students how to break their topic into three subtopics. Fortunately, most of my students are already able to write good paragraphs.

Days Writing When students wrote their paragraphs this week, I encouraged them to use related facts, rather than just three random facts.

Informative essay video

Day 1: Gather Facts Throughout this unit, we are using the same process, where I elicit what students know about the animal and then we read and watch videos to gather more facts. I continue to introduce the unit by teaching about the difference narrative writing and informational writing. Fortunately, most of my students are already able to write good paragraphs. For now, the emphasis is on organization and writing, and I phase in how to research later in the unit. I do have students use the same reading strategies in Week 1. Students needed to think about and make decisions about how to sort the sentences. You do need a subscription to access the article. I gave students the concluding statement.

I also create an informational writing anchor chart with students, so they can refer to the anchor chart throughout the year. I think this step is especially important, because my students will have to respond to a writing prompt on their state test. The mentor texts are all just suggestions.

It takes me at least two weeks to get my students to the point of actually writing.

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Informational Writing