Liberal vs conservative

Conservative Politics and the Economy Conservative views or affiliations reflect the right-wing of the political spectrum.

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The government should provide more support for individuals who are less fortunate, i. They remain wary of the corruption- and historic abuses--particularly the oppression of political minorities--that have taken place in the absence of oversight for state- and local authorities.

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The Bill of Rights implies a separation of church and state. Conservative Change in global temperature is natural over long periods of time.

Liberal vs conservative

Conservatives tend to favor state governments over the federal, reserving the federal for matters of national security. There are too many gun control laws — additional laws will not lower gun crime rates. States in which the conservative-liberal gap is 20 points or greater are considered "highly conservative. In contrast, liberals believe many citizens rely on government services for healthcare , unemployment insurance, health and safety regulations , and so on. Political views Political liberals believe that parties motivated by self-interest are willing to behave in ways that are harmful to society unless government is prepared- and empowered to constrain them. Related Comparisons. Conservative The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to keep and bear arms. Government regulation in all areas of the economy is needed to level the playing field. Conservative Support legal immigration only. The problem of uninsured individuals should be addressed and solved within the free market healthcare system — the government should not control healthcare. Conservative Oil, gas and coal are all good sources of energy and are abundant in the U.

Additional gun control laws are necessary to stop gun violence and limit the ability of criminals to obtain guns. America is still a racist society, therefore a federal affirmative action law is necessary. Despite the split, the mainstream Conservative Party accepted the doctrine of free trade in In other words, it requires that a human life be killed.

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Oppose taxpayer-funded abortion.

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Conservatives Greatly Outnumber Liberals in 19 U.S. States