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More research is warranted to understand how and when firms become aware of these situations and whether business intelligence helps them to prevent or manage any associated risk. It is technically a different area as compared to business reporting and requires specialist skills application to resolve business issues.

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Then, his thesis could make recommendations for developing this necessary element of BI. Does the hotel and tourism industry require business intelligence systems apart of social media applications it is currently exploiting? Do managers require formal training to use business intelligence? Business Intelligence Organization There are basically three means by which business intelligence can be organized: centralized, decentralized, or automated. Procurement and logistics and use of business intelligence- exploring the degree of efficacy achieved. Post your response in the comments below. It seems to me that these are things that CIOs should be focusing on every year! Hence, it seems reasonable to call for research that explores how business intelligence is utilizing this data and to understand how it is being combined with other data to complement and expand BI analyses and related decision-making activities. Exploring and evaluating the future of business intelligence.

Bridging the gap between theory and practice for business intelligence models- a systematic literature review. Feelings can be both volatile and transient so just how much credence should business intelligence afford them?

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Then, his thesis could make recommendations for developing this necessary element of BI. Blogs as collectors of consumer preferences for business intelligence.

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The ten topics listed here should surely be among them! Research should provide evidence as to how business intelligence is making a tangible difference in these endeavors. Social media is an incredibly rich vein for market intelligence opinion data obtained by monitoring blogs, online forums, and social networking sites for trends in opinions. For example, insurers, carmakers, and shopping malls want cell data to track customers. The impact of business intelligence on profit generation in the US. I have no idea how much organizations censor data, but it seems to me that this is a topic worth exploring. Assessing the critical success factors of application of business intelligence systems in SMEs in the UK. Clearly there are consumer concerns about how this data is acquired and shared.

While a lot of academic BI research examines technology-related issues and the impact of analytic applications, it is clear to me that there is a wealth of other important issues that this field must confront.

By manipulating data, organizations may inadvertently adversely affect the integrity of their own decision-making capabilities and compromise firm actions in unintended ways.

The skills are related to a thorough analysis of available data to solve technical problems through application of specialist industry knowledge Business intelligence research topics comprise of issues ranging from inter-personal communication skills to acknowledgement, recognition and critical analysis f problems so that viable solutions can be proffered.

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10 Opportunities for Business Intelligence Research by Richard Herschel