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Then he made his move to an abandoned building Ran up the stairs up to the top floor Opened up the door there, guess who he saw? Vallejo police Lt. He added that several police departments are involved in the investigation. Possessing a gun or ammunition as a convicted felon — Watson was convicted of felony cocaine possession in Texas in — is forbidden.

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A young girl can be seen riding a bicycle a few feet away. OG Joe Blow in the house, understand me Layin it down with my boy Messy Marv Yeah, for ah - Slick Rick Yeah, this ain't no children's story, though this somethin for the hood, mang So ah - all the OG's grab your ripple and players grab you twomp sacks Here we go In the video, several potential chargeable offenses are depicted: It is illegal to brandish guns in public.

Across the street, a man yells to Watson that his kids are outside, which leads to a back and forth between the two. Pointing a loaded gun at someone can also be prosecuted as an assault with a deadly weapon.

Watson responded with a profanity-laced video indicating he was up for the challenge.

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