My most memorable rainy day

The pattern, however, never makes it simple for the readers to understand the novel. It is loved by people belonging to all age groups. We were getting ready for the school when it started drizzling. Rainy season comes for few months a year and offers a refreshing experience if we make the most of it.

He is a silent Observer who helps Tim overcome his fears.

essay on rainy day for class 3

We visit our favourite restaurant during the rains and enjoy having crunchy onion and mirchi pakoras with mint chutney. Our school starts at 8 am.

Poetry is as alluring as the rainy day.

Essay on my experience on a rainy day

Small kids are seen holding colourful umbrellas and wearing beautiful raincoats on rainy days. Some passersby had already taken shelter there. Sachar makes the Warden very memorable by the fact that she is a very vicious person. Kagomenasai says: I always remember the whole childhood story in rainy day…after playing outside under the rain,i had a hot milk n warm blanket,,but i never got illness at that time,so amazing… leo says: Rainy day is a good day for me to sleep, its a cold weather you can enjoy sleeping whole day! People of every age group love and cherish this day. I really love now to stay outside on road on a rainy day. The Allied Invasion of Normandy, code named Operation Overlord, on June 6, , was considered the most decisive and deceptive battle in Western Europe between the Allied and the Axis powers. Although the soldiers were united and served for the same goal, each of the men had a different motivation. Meeting my brother was an indelible moment because I had never felt such happiness and love for someone. I like it! Nowdays things are quite different out there! We packed our bags, got into our raincoats and ran outside the classroom to enjoy the rain. It is quite essential for the production of crops. On the other hand, considering the scenario of a populated urban city, with a network of interlinked streets, roads and adjacently constructed buildings; a rainy day could cause discomfort to many with streets submerged in water and overflowing drains. On a rainy day, the ponds and lakes get a new supply of fresh water, which proves to be a blessing for the thirsty animals.

As soon as I reach there, I remove my flip-flops and throw away my pink umbrella on the sand and run towards the sea.

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Paragraph on Rainy Day in English