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The nature of the work that healthcare practitioners perform predisposes them to emotional exhaustion. Studies also indicate that these facilities have lower incidence of needle stick injuries, lower burn out rates, and double the retention of non-Magnet facilities.

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In Pennsylvania, six new nursing education initiatives have been announced to address faculty shortage by encouraging current nurses to return to school, earn graduate degrees, and teach the next generation of nurses. Even though nurses are well respected, many people have stereotyped and formulated biased opinions about the profession. Only recently have employers in certain regions of the nation stated a decline in the demand for RNs. However, this is multi-dimensional problem, to get to the crux of it; one has to ask what the major contributing factors to such shortages are and what can be done to prevent them? Compared to younger adults older patients are more frail and they have more complex health issues causing them to utilize healthcare more. According to Brian Hansen, , there was a nation wide shortage in of , full-time registered nurses, but the shortage will surge to , by if something isn't done. Another important factor affecting the faculty shortage is that of job satisfaction, stress, and burnout. The researchers thus concluded that in order to stop staffing shortages, health care organizations must set about providing a better workplace culture and environment where nurses want to work, feel good about working there, and look forward to their job because it gives them satisfaction in life. Therefore, they need to be very knowledgeable about various diseases. The total RN population has been increasing since , which means that we have more RNs in this country than ever before Nursing Shortage. Economic factors have also contributed to the nursing shortage in the United States. Martin, The main reason for this job dissatisfaction is that nurse staffing is simply insufficient in almost all healthcare facilities Nurses are well respected because they are trained to be skilled professionals. Mobility within the nursing industry and a shortage of nurse educators were also cited as factors. The profession must be communicated as a positive, satisfying, and inspiring career.

Nursing faculty are pressured not only to educate future nurses to provide safe and competent care, but also have many other professional responsibilities, such as publishing, conducting research, writing grants, performing community service, and maintaining their own competencies Gormley, Americans are also demanding more quality healthcare services while many RNs are retiring, further exacerbating the problem.

To maintain current faculty on the job, more research should be conducted on factors affecting job satisfaction and what works to provide a better environment. Nursing schools inability to grow programs quickly enough to meet demands Nursing Association of Colleges of Nursing, Since the recession began, more thanpositions have been created in the healthcare industry.

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For example London still have more than eight thousands of posts vacant for graduated nursing students, which means London hospital, was faced with serious nursing shortage. The video then takes the watcher through the experiences at a busy hospital.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format:. This paper is about nursing shortages and nursing turn overs, and how the author would expect nursing leaders and managers to approach this issue.

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They are responsible for hiring applicants and maintaining staff retention. Job satisfaction was another important influencing factor resulting in early retirement. Leadership and managerial positions are different although at times many people use them interchangeably Shortages like this pose a threat to the availability of nurse education. A lot of health care workers including nurses like to think that they cannot change the way things are being carried out in the health care system. Moreover, the researcher found that the less job satisfaction there was among nurses, the more likely absenteeism was to occur. The shortage is not only an issue in the United States but all over the world. One serious factor contributing to the faculty shortage is financial. The problem that Walker sees in her qualitative assessment of the issue is that there is too little connection between the workplace environment where professionals live and the educational environment where the researchers and academics live. Abstract Compelling evidence suggests that regions of the United States face a nursing and physician shortage that our legislators, health officials, and medical professionals must address. Studies also indicate that these facilities have lower incidence of needle stick injuries, lower burn out rates, and double the retention of non-Magnet facilities. The shortage of nurses could be a factor why males are entering the nursing field. The lack of respect for this practice is astonishing and it threatens life as we know it. The reason everyone quits around here is because they are overworked, underpaid, and the hospital management does not give a damn However, the shortage of qualified nurses has been highlighted as one of the greatest blockages to accomplishing the health organization 's goals.

Position vacancies and turnover have led to recent restructuring intended to meet the anticipated demands of the aging baby boomer generation.

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