Ohio state phd thesis

Directory structure figs -- Place your figures here. I am sharing this template since it might help others, since no official LaTeX template is available from the graduate school as of August This template attempts to follow the rules prescribed by the Graduate School and College of Engineering.

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Whether it is a mandatory field or an optional field, the university has specific formatting guidelines for every field or item. If there is any issue complying with the formatting rules, then scholars can get in touch with our dissertation editors for Ohio State University at info editnpublish.

Including Figures The figs directory is already setup, you can use the following template for including figures. Editing Service for Ohio State University Research scholars have to be careful about meeting every requirement that Ohio State University provides in concern with the preparation of a dissertation.

osu dissertation latex template

For dissertation acceptance, your document must contain the following format features: Mandatory fields It is essential to have certain fields or items, including the Title Page, Copyright, Abstract, Vita, Table of Contents, List of Figures, and Bibliography.

I and hopefully others have used this template for both my candidacy proposal and my PhD dissertation, and is up to date with the graduate school requirements as of August Fix the issue with latexmk -f.

Building the project I have tested with TexLive distribution onward with latexmk.

Ohio state phd thesis
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