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Each pod has its own unique, individual dialect. Following several years of negative press, in November one SeaWorld facility in San Diego, which holds 11 orcas, announced that it would start "phasing out" some of its circus-style shows.

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Pros and cons of killer whales in captivity

Two of the main causes as stated by the Cetacean Inspiration Website are: I. However, Williams argues that public orca shows clearly set out to entertain first of all. They cannot drink seawater so they get their water from the fish they eat. For the past sixty years, people have brought these massive creatures into their aquariums to make a profit from their exhibitions. In , trainer Alexis Martinez, was killed by Keto, a year-old male orca, during a training session. These cases prove that unnatural living conditions in captivity are the most likely cause of aggressive behavior and attacks on humans. The reason her release was so successful was that she was only kept captive for a short time, says Rendell. Biologists have limited understanding about killer whales in the wild.

Many people are fascinated by these whales when they see them perform in marine parks such as SeaWorld. Killer whales should not be treated any differently, which is why they should not be held in captivity.

earth why killer whales should not be kept in captivity

Whales kept at marine mammal parks, have been known to bite along the steel gates that separate the whales in order to help relieve their stress, however; this results in broken teeth and other oral problems.

Self-mutilation is another unordinary behavior that occurs with whales in captivity. They are being overbred, crossbred, and even inbred. The practice of taking them into captivity started in the s. These behaviours tend to have no real purpose other than stimulating the orca's senses, says Marino.

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Killer Whales Should Not Be Kept in Captivity Essay