Project planning and management thesis

Second, project management is a leadership concept, designed and valid for one project[30]. The project planning provides a framework for the whole project, i. The appraisal report and revised project proposal may be used in soliciting funds for the project. Regular observation to find out and follow up of the project implementation to find out if project is on track with respect to objectives, budget, time and other criteria.

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To facilitate this, it focusses on project management processes. Plans are required for effective planning for smooth flow of the project cycle.

Evaluation involves systematic assessment of the performance of the project with respect to the goals and objectives set originally. Most of the project funds are disbursed at this stage.

Finding out which planning processes are required and to which detail is crucial for performing a completely successful project. This is why the project management process groups can be considered a cycle. The project manager also works part-time on projects.

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Project management