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How planned this genocide was remains a topic of contention.

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From their point of view, ethnicity is a biological and fixed characteristic of individuals and communities Geertz SB has been the subject of many lawsuits, from parties as diverse as Arizona police officers, the American Civil Liberties Union, and even the federal government, which is suing on the basis of Arizona contradicting federal immigration laws ACLU With a minority groups of various ethnicities living within a territory, this one-sided cultural reproduction may create possibility of cultural or civilizational clashes, hence diaspora nationalism.

While Canada was originally a colony itself, the product of external colonialism, first by the French and then the English, it also adopted colonial techniques internally as it became an independent nation state.

Famed interactionist Herbert Blumer suggested that racial prejudice is formed through interactions between members of the dominant group: without these interactions, individuals in the dominant group would not hold racist views.

Locating ethnicity and health: exploring concepts and contexts.

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Ethnic conflicts have been regular process within the same territorial borders and among the nations of the world. Many German immigrants of this period were political refugees: liberals who wanted to escape from an oppressive government. The current racial framework was derived from an array of possible categories. The Great Expulsion of the French-speaking Acadians from Nova Scotia by the British beginning in is perhaps the most notorious case of the use of expulsion to manage the problem of diversity in Canada. This can result in the blending of their various customs and values and the creation of a new cultural hybrid. Boston: Pearson. However, this typology of race developed during early racial science has fallen into disuse, and the social construction of race or racialization is a far more common way of understanding racial categories. This term is commonly used to refer to physical differences between people brought about by physical characteristics of genetic origin. Over the centuries and then the millennia, aboriginal culture blossomed into an intricate web of hundreds of interconnected groups, each with its own customs, traditions, languages, and religions. Because the education at the residential schools was inferior they also had difficulty fitting into non-aboriginal society. This means that 40 percent of either visible minorities or whites, 50 percent of Chinese and South Asians or whites, would have to move in order for each neighbourhood to have the same racial balance as the whole metro region. The problem of management arises when differences between different peoples are regarded as so insurmountable that it is believed they cannot easily coincide or cohabit with one another. Sociologists use segregation indices to measure racial segregation of different races in different areas. In Ireland, the English had oppressed the Irish for centuries, eradicating their language and culture and discriminating against their religion Catholicism. Figure

They define what people can and cannot do based on racial characteristics. Many Native Americans and others believe sports teams with names like the Indians, Braves, and Warriors perpetuate unwelcome stereotypes.

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