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As they line up to fight, rumors fly again about the state of their army.

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It would die if its timid eyes were compelled to see blood Read more Henry Fleming : Flee or Flight? Soon, Wilson and Henry take an opportunity to get water for the regiment. As they line up to fight, rumors fly again about the state of their army. This battle, Henry fights as if he were crazed, shooting at them long after the battle is finished. The reader is right down in the midst of it where patriotism is dissolved into its elements and where only a dozen men can be seen, firing blindly and grotesquely into the smoke. Among the group is Jim Conklin, who has been shot in the side and is suffering delirium from blood loss. They assume that Henry was hurt in battle; however, Simpson asks Henry about his whereabouts, and Henry can't answer. Henry is intent on standing upright, keeping the flag erect, though the men around him fall. Yet another battle begins, but this time, Henry is ready. This knowledge gives Henry courage and restores his confidence. Henry is then befriended by a cheery soldier who returns him to his regiment. The mytholo

Since the time he joined, however, the army has merely been waiting for engagement. His lieutenant says that with ten thousand Henrys, he could win the war in a week.

In the midst of the conversation, they overhear that their regiment of "mule drivers" is going to charge the enemy, with perhaps many casualties. He fears that if he were to see battle, he might run.

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Their untested nature is shown in the gleaming newness of their unscathed uniforms. Blue and gray uniforms are mentioned, as are yellow and orange sunlight, and green forests, while men's faces grow red with rage or courage, and gray with death.

He wanders through a forest glade in which he encounters the decaying corpse of a soldier.

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The novel has been adapted several times for the screen. He conceived persons with torn bodies to be peculiarly happy. Henry then encounters Wilson, who asks sheepishly for his packet of letters back, making Henry feel superior to him.

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No one wants to say as much; they all seem perfect examples of fearless men, which leaves Henry feeling even worse about his own apprehension. Henry anguishes over his lack of courage, but he can't overcome the guilt and self-hatred that stop him from returning to his regiment. Some critics found Crane's young age and inexperience troubling, rather than impressive. Most of the Confederates run before the regiment arrives, and four of the remaining men are taken prisoner. Read more The Red Badge of Courage words, approx. There was the law, he said. Satisfied, they go back to their lines. If he changed something, he would rewrite the whole page. Henry Fleming is a teenager who signs up to join a union regiment in order to be conside One of these wounded soldiers, identified as "a tattered soldier," befriends Henry and begins a conversation with him; however, when the tattered soldier asks Henry where he is wounded, Henry evades the question by leaving him and drifting into the crowd of soldiers. The narrator reveals that Henry joined the army because he was drawn to the glory of military conflict.

During the regiment's first battle, Confederate soldiers charge, but are repelled.

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The Red Badge of Courage