Report on service encounters

Next, management should focus more on relationship marketing instead of transactional marketing.

importance of service encounter

Liljander, V. Yes because of its good delivery service process. Based on my experience with Flipkart, I think that they are doing a number of things exceptionally well and I believe that they have a concrete understanding that customers perceive quality in a multidimensional way.

Content and use of Registration or Encounter Forms, b.

Report on service encounters

Before preparing for this paper, I rarely paid attention to the factors that influenced my perceptions of service quality and satisfaction. It is important to also understand the framework of evaluation service encounter because it is relate closely with customer-contact and how the orientation of customer-driven orientation match with the expectation, which has been discussed in many marketing academic journals. Achieve differentiation has so many forms, including brand image, technology, characteristics, customer service, dealer network and other forms, etc. The flipkart performed the promised service accurately and quickly, and they were very reliable in this manner. The five dimensions are as follows: reliability, responsiveness, assurance, speed, and tangibles. Connotation of Tourism hotel service marketing a Service and service products. It has attempted to close this gap by offering a wide variety of services that are customer-driven, such as Cash on delivery, return policy etc. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. One human resource strategy that is used to deliver service quality through people is to empower employees. Patients arrive to the hospital for scheduled outpatient surgeries two hours before their procedure time. The quality of the service was bad. How likely is it that you would go back to this service? Last but not least of the service failure that can be seen through the services encounters visited is encounter three. Summary of ten steps of the billing processes and procedures. Even if without them, the core service can still play a role.

I interpreted this as not matching performance to promises, also known as Gap 4 of the Gaps Model of Service Quality. The conclusion that can be derived from the report is that it is important for one service provider to put into concern of customers satisfaction and its attributes to it to survive in the competitive market.

General Service has the following four major characteristics: intangibility, Inseparability service production and consumption at the same time happen ; heterogeneity, perish ability.

service encounter stage
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Service Encounter Paper