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Answer: Pearl, in her wild, unrepressed passion, represents the adulterous passion of her parents, as does the scarlet letter. This means that objects, characters, and events have their hidden meanings and are used by the author to present his universal lessons.

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Describe and explain the meaning of the symbols the author uses. Why do they think so? Why are they in the story? Characterization: describe and analyze the characters of the story. Which ones are they and how is their intolerance manifested?

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The Scarlet Letter essay assignments that you probably received related to the Puritan religion, to the characters of Hester and Dimmesdale, to the plot elements and possibly to the theme of intolerance. Explain readers more about the effects of punishing Hester on her personality. For example, when writing a dissertation conclusion , you can also discuss the use of shades and sunlight. Analyze the structure. Is it possible to interpret these actions as pointing to an important political statement in this book as a whole? In Puritan society, adultery was seen as a breach of contract between two people and the community in which they lived. The Scarlet Letter essay topics First of all, keep in mind that you need to follow the specific requirements your teacher has set. Make sure you come up with some fresh ideas, but this task can be a bit hard because this book is famous and well-studied. Indeed, he seems to understand that he shouldn't have married a woman who would never love him, but Dimmesdale must be punished for allowing Hester to indulge her passion. Which ones are they and how is their intolerance manifested? Answer: Dimmesdale has sinned according to his own system of beliefs, since as the town minister he has violated the values he has preached against for decades. Hester identifies herself as a member of the citizenry of Salem and yet also as an individual with a right to independent thought and action. The narrator is telling readers the story that is years old. How Dimmesdale feels when leaving Hester? Answer: Pearl asks this question repeatedly of her mother, but Hester will not answer her.

The long-lasting effect of sin in The Scarlet Letter.

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The Scarlet Letter Essay Ideas and Suggestions