Should kids have recess

why recess is important essay

They met new classmates. Research dating back to the late s indicates that people learn better and faster when their efforts are distributed, rather than concentrated.

As adults, we know how important it is to take frequent breaks, especially during work.

why recess should be banned

So parents across the country are decrying a trend where schools slash recess time, or even eliminate it entirely, to devote more classroom minutes to academic subjects and standardized test preparation. You end up blowing 30 minutes of potential instructional time to gain the limited benefits of having recess.

Should kids have recess

Sunlight stimulates the pineal gland, which is the part of the brain that helps regulate our biological clock. You can find her blog and more articles at raepica. Therefore, parents should be concerned! Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Social Benefits We start learning social skills as soon as we start interacting with other people.

Looking back, do you think it was all just fun and games or do you think it was important to your learning and development?

Why recess should be eliminated

In New Jersey, the state legislature unanimously passed a bill earlier this month that would require 20 minutes of recess each day for elementary school students from kindergarten through the fifth grade. Students, read the entire article, then tell us: — Do children need recess? Getting five days of recess just about meets that recommendation. How did you spend that time? But educators, parents and researchers are protesting, arguing that kids need recess because it can help them do better in school. Thanks to advances in brain research, we now know that most of the brain is activated during physical activity—much more so than while sedentary. This information may also explain why students who are trapped indoors during winter months often have poorer moods and increased behavioral problems. Incorporate physical activity into daily routines, like taking a family walk in the evenings, having a race around the living room every morning winner gets first choice at a family activity or something along those lines , or having a family dance party. Education and Community-Based Programs.
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10 Reasons Why Recess is So Important