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Click on Options. But overall, you need to go into this defense thinking that your presentation will be successful, otherwise you are already setting yourself up for failure with the wrong mindset.

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Europe: The distinction between the two papers is almost opposite to that of the USA. Going in with this perspective makes standing before them a nerve-wracking experience. On the other hand, a defense is the presentation of the pieces of evidence to support and prove your research. This can be considered as one of the most crucial research documents which a student makes during their academic schooling. Differences Between Thesis and Dissertation One of the significant differences of the two is to whom the paper is assigned. And since dissertation is more extensive, the thesis is treated as preliminary in gaining a doctorate degree. While a dissertation is for those who want to obtain a doctorate degree. Sans serif, cursive, or script fonts are not acceptable.

Not just merely long essays like what others are claiming. As you write your paper, use the pre-formatted headings provided under the SHSU tab, and don't forget to click on Update All occasionally.

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Three Most Common Thesis Defense Myths If your upcoming defense gives you pressure and uneasiness, it could be cause you are not sure what to expect. Those who have a plan to escalate their degree to doctorate, eventually should take the path of with thesis.

You need to: Restate your research questions Show how your results answer these questions Show what contribution you have made State any limitations to the work you have done Suggest future research. It helps the students to grow out of their shell from their respective discipline and give them the opportunity to present all their findings of their study.

table of contents master thesis ppt

Going in with this perspective makes standing before them a nerve-wracking experience. Click on Custom Table of Contents. So you should expect that your committee will always be able to find a gap in your study to fill in the future related researches.

Graduate School University Library.

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Boldface is not acceptable except where specifically required by a style manual e. To save yourself some time in making your Table of Contents, be sure that you use font styles. Faculty Resources Feedback!

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How To Do a Proper Thesis Defense Using the Right PowerPoint Presentation