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Bilbo avoided being caught by using the ring to stay invisible, and followed them into the halls of Thranduil , the elven-king, where they were held captive. Smaug ravaged the mountain and the dwarves were forced to hide in the tunnel, though they lost their ponies. Although he did not know it, this lost trinket was the One Ring , forged by the Dark Lord Sauron thousands of years ago. Bilbo discovered that his companions had been captured by the spiders and stowed in their webs. But just as battle was about to be joined, Gandalf called them all to be wary of the new coming danger - the alliance of Wargs and Goblins against them. In Chapter 2, he is caught trying to pickpocket the trolls. While wandering down the path, the dwarves saw lights in the forest. Upon discovering the keyhole, the door was opened and Bilbo was sent in alone in order to scout ahead and perhaps to steal some treasure from Smaug. The victors divided the treasure and Bard took Bilbo's fourteenth share of the gold and silver in return for the Arkenstone. The family moved to their new home, where Bilbo would spend much of his life. The Master of Lake-town invited Thorin and his companions to the feast he'd organised. Deciding that they would rather leave the path than starve to death they headed after the lights. October Learn how and when to remove this template message The Fellowship of the Ring , the first volume of The Lord of the Rings, begins with Bilbo's "eleventy-first" th birthday, 60 years after the beginning of The Hobbit.

Soon the dwarves began to grumble about the hobbit, but Bilbo finally solved the riddle of the thrush knocking at the last light of Durin's Day: [15] At the very moment he heard a sharp crack behind him. Eventually, the company discovered the back door.

In Chapter 9, he displays both bravery and intelligence in devising a plan for the escape of the dwarves to Esgaroth; Gandalf has departed and their fate is in Bilbo's hands.

After wandering through the dark passages he came to the lake of Gollum. The book opens, in fact, with Bilbo's smoking a pipe one morning just outside his home; shortly afterward, he finds himself serving high tea — including coffee, cakes, scones, jam, tart, and pies — to thirteen dwarves.

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The Lord of the Rings gives the date of Bilbo's birthday as 22 September, [2] but the actual date in the Shire calendar was Halimath 22; Tolkien tells us in Appendix D that he "used our modern names" for the months "to avoid confusion, while the seasonal implications of our names are more or less the same", so that Halimath is translated as September, but that "the Shire dates were actually in advance of ours by some ten days, and our New Year's Day corresponded more or less to the Shire January 9".

When the spiders returned, the dwarves fought them in a long battle. Eventually Bilbo was able to rescue the dwarves by stealing the butler Galion 's keys, and found a way for the company to escape the Woodland Realm by stowing away in a number of empty barrels, which periodically were taken by the elves up the River Running to Lake-town for trading purposes.

Thorin rejected this advice and announced that he would not share the treasure with anyone.

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Just as the door closed, Smaug ravaged the side of the mountain, blocking up the door and destroying the doorstep. He also provided them with council for their coming journey. If Gollum won, Bilbo would allow himself to be eaten. The company stayed two weeks in Lake-town. He reported his findings to the dwarves, where they met the news with ill comfort, angry that the dwarves were fatter than Bilbo and so could not climb the trees to feel cool air or see the butterflies. Lucky Number, a name given to Bilbo by Smaug. Nevertheless this task fell to the younger Frodo, and in farewell Bilbo gave him Sting and his old mithril coat, both of which served Frodo well in the struggles to come. The dwarves fished him out to find he had been put to sleep by the stream's magic, but the boat was knocked away, ending the hope for venison.

Suddenly Bilbo understood. However, whenever the company tried to contact them, they extinguished the fires, leaving a complete darkness in the forest, and disappeared suddenly. If more of us valued food and cheer and a song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.

Bilbo declared he could see only trees, not realising they were at the bottom of a bowl formation.

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The Hobbit: Bilbo Baggins' Journey