Vision and mission of singapore airlines

The airline industry is a service industry. When looking at what drive Singapore Airlines, we can realize that this company is deeply involved at satisfying their customers, partners but also employees.

Vision and mission of singapore airlines

Currently it can be proud of being ranked as second best on earth according to the World Airline Survey Strategic Management Group no. As part of their commitment to corporate governance principles, the enterprise attaches high priority to ethical business conduct in the markets they operate.

As Singapore Airlines has a lot of fascinating facets, potential and is an international enterprise at the same time and we would like to alalyse the company throughout this course Strategic Management.

For sure they will do even more in the future to meet their own requirements and expectations. Singapore Airlines also provides educational assistance to communities through scholarship programmes such as the Singapore Airlines Untuk Pendidikan in Indonesia or the Smiling Together project in Thailand.

A further part of the mission statement is that Singapore Airlines maximizes its returns for the benefit of its shareholders and employees. The goal is to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace and reap the benefits of first-mover advantage.

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Singapore Airlines has already been pioneer of inflight services such as free drinks and complimentary headsets as well as flying non stop from New York to Singapore. The crucial fact is that we continue to say that we want to improve.

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The advertising slogan A great way to fly together with the Singapore Girl has become the trademark for Singapore Airlines. It is out of question that this airline counts to the worlds best.

Singapore airlines mission and vision 2018

It is said that the Singapore Girl awakes hospitality and Asian values and has been described as caring, warm, gentle, elegant and serene. The goal is to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace and reap the benefits of first-mover advantage. They try to use their expertise to support institutions pursuing worthwhile causes in the markets they operate. In the future the enterprise will do everything possible and necessary to maintain its pioneer position and furthermore to enlarge the difference to its competitors. They rise to each and every occasion in order to deliver their experience to all of their customers which is shown via their lounges and the smallest details of their inflight services. And that every time we reach a goal, we always say that we got to find a new mountain or hill to climb. The mission describes what the company does and in which business it is in. The airline serves 64 different destinations in 35 countries, including SilkAir, their regional airline as well as Singapore Airlines Cargo destinations in 39 countries are being targeted. They treat them with respect and dignity and seek to provide them with appropriate training and development so that they can lead fulfilling careers. Of course, this is not the first rank but if one considers that there are hundreds of airlines existing, Singapore Airlines definitely fulfills its mission. This would imply to have increasing turnover and dividend payments year after year even if it grows only gradually.

According to Singapore Airlines senior management, It is getting more and more difficult to differentiate ourselves because every airline is doing the same thing.

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Sky Journeys: Vision, Mission and Values of Singapore Airlines