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The Massachusetts Volunteers had started with men. Their patriotism was not very strong.

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Taylor moved his troops to Corpus Christ! Then, along a narrow road, through a belt of thick chaparral, they arrived, March 28,in cultivated fields and thatched-roof huts hurriedly abandoned by the Mexican occupants, who had fled across the river to the city of Matamoros.

Pieces of bone or metal tore into the horse's hip, split the lip and tongue and knocked teeth out of a second horse, and broke the jaw of a third Lieutenant Grant, with the 4th Regiment, "saw a ball crash into ranks nearby, tear a musket from one soldier's grasp and rip off the man's head, then dissect the face of a captain he knew.

Three days' march from Mexico City, at Jalapa, seven of his eleven regiments evaporated, their enlistment times up. Mexico seems a doomed victim to Anglo Saxon cupidity and love of dominion.

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General Logan received them in this street and requested all the Volunteers to follow after; as he walked up and down the street, I saw some 6 or 7, bad looking persons following, with poor Jim Laine in front. Dead horses and men lay about pretty thick, while drunken soldiers, yelling and screeching, were breaking open houses or chasing some poor Mexicans who had abandoned their houses and fled for life.

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A People’s History: We Take Nothing by Conquest, Thank