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Her efforts won her top prize, and the chance to read it out loud at the Agassiz Canada Day celebrations last Friday. Accessed 07, What drives us? Nonetheless, he is relentlessly passionate, insisting he bring his Canada flag, Canada cap, and Canada sweater to school each day.

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So now I have the freedom to go back to my country whenever I want. Being the second largest country in the world, Canadians have ample space to grow. In America, it is like a melting pot. They are looking into ways to make this trip more efficient, however. Here, we have unlimited recreational opportunities and we know how to make the most of each season. The majority of Canadians normally hold similar political notion that, unlike firm beliefs that varies in due time, are more widespread and are considered as the base for political culture. They are slow and cautious when entering battles and are reluctant to choose sides between nations in acts of inhumanity and crime. Manning English — PL4 29 November What Recycling Means to Students Growing up in a city that takes pride in having a clean and safe environment, I often wondered what an ordinary teenager could do to make an already great place to live in even better. Your review has been posted.

It was a black-furred squirrel which would rest peacefully whilst collecting nuts. I want my son to truly understand what makes this country great. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. The term Canadian means you have the capacity to help others when they are in need.

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So that concludes the end of my blog! Lauren Lowe, age Ok, no more jokes. Canada also works hard to make people feel safe.

Whats it mean to be canadian

Canada is composed of people from all backgrounds. I am proud to be Canadian because Canadians offer to sign out your library books when you forget your library card at home. An essay I wrote for school that I liked. First of all, everyone gets along. Rediscovering their wealth goes to the heart of our Canadian nature. As a teenager, I have realized how fortunate I am to be a Canadian. They have the freedom to think for themselves, speak what they wish, and live their lives to the fullest, in turn having certain collective ideas, traits, and qualities.

All of these Canadians changed the world for the better, and life would be so different without their work. We would, if we were not Canadians, shout this from the rooftops. Growing up in the village of Swansea in the city of Toronto, allowed me to enjoy a happy, carefree, safe childhood and adolescence.

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I am planning on doing something to give back to Canada. Canadian are generally not flag wavers, you do not see flags in most people's yards like you do in the US, my family does not have a flag in our yard, but that doesn't make us any less Canadian. Upon seeing there was nobody in the classroom, I left the school on my own. Canada is intelligent and helpful. A doctor, nurse, firefighter, police officer, mother, Olympian, teacher, farmer, Military and so much more. They helped me find my parents and made me feel safe. Canada is generous and helpful. It was a black-furred squirrel which would rest peacefully whilst collecting nuts.
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