What type of poker player are you

Ideally, you want to make these players as happy as possible while they play in a game they cannot beat.

pokerology player personalities

TAGs understand the value of patience, but when they commit they really commit. You create a buzz around the table and and everyone's glad you came, even if you do end up taking their money! These players make up the vast majority of the high stakes player pool, even though they make up only a tiny percentage of the entire player pool.

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When you encounter the players who crave entertainment, make a point to show them a good time. Related posts:. Even the best players find it hard to read you.

Poker is your day job.

types of poker players

The Guru The Guru Cool, calm and collected, you make your decisions based on analysing everything that's going on around the table. Some of these players take great pride in folding powerful hands when they suspect they are beat.

He writes a weekly educational blog and hosts a podcast at JonathanLittlePoker. The Power Player The Power Player Your style is often aggressive, your bluffing ability is superb and you can make other players fold almost at will.

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What Type Of Poker Player Are You?