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It's a part of you that's always there. They're trying, and I'm not preaching against that. The band also had legal troubles earlier this summer : Gunn and bassist Eugene Gill were arrested and charged with allegedly attacking a man and leaving him outside The Loft bar in downtown Flint in October You don't have a day job; how do you, and the rest of the band live?

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It was a robbery. To get you to understand what I'm talking about I can't leave that out. But where I grew up and remember being a kid at, and where I am now, is the north side, the Clio Pasadena area, How does that make you feel, given your time in the city? The charges against Gunn were dismissed, while Gill is still due for trial. It's a heavy song, but it's just trying to be a true representation of where we came. I feel like the music is [performed] such a way that it plays into these types of people, or something in these people that it causes a reaction. I'm not done telling people or showing people. They're going to stick up for one another. That's the norm.

To get you to understand what I'm talking about I can't leave that out. Which schools did you go to? We grew up with poor families. The band released demos on their Myspaceand it was reported that they had recorded an album with Mark Michalik at Detroit's 37 Studios.

They're kind of crazy.

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May But I guess, by definition without the social stigma If this is what you're going to do with your life, and this is what you're going to be, why would you have a problem running into a store for five minutes and stealing something?

I hope everyone in the crowd feels the same way. They were always just there before I knew better.

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An Honest Interview With David Gunn of KING