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When did your love for X begin? That's fine. Before you get into your personal bio, try to answer these questions: Why should someone read your blog?

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When I have a face to put with your name, you become much easier for me to remember. Signing up will also give you access to our free library of worksheets, e-books, and resources for bloggers and business owners.

This way, you help readers feel good about themselves. Updated June 24, 43 43 people found this article helpful Your blog's "About Me" page should not be overlooked.

At times, another paragraph to follow up your headline may be unnecessary.

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Choose something that was a turning point in your career or personal life, which makes you who you are, or is the reason you started blogging — Belleau Kitchen does this really well.

From this part, readers will be awe-inspired by his accomplishments. There are certain mistakes that I see again and again, on sites that deserve better.

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Now write your Introduction. Can I get an amen?! There's multiple solutions for this—your credentials might put their mind at ease, or perhaps a story of your greatest success builds their confidence. For example, some blogs use phrases like "contact me," "email me," "more information," or "reach out to me" throughout their blog that links to their one "About Me" page that includes all of this information. Check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog. Therefore, getting even an article to be featured on these sites is a feather in your cap that you must share to the world! Now what?

Anyone making it this far deserves to be on your list. Obviously trust and winning testimonials are earned over time, though.

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How to Write About Me Page for Your Lifestyle Blog: A Step